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Head Games

Sunday, June 18, 2017, 7:30 pm, $7-$10

Live from NYC, A/V artist Eric Barry Drasin will present “Head Games” an interactive performance using a head-mounted camera and wireless controllers.


Headgames is a Diggers performance involving the negotiation of a relationship between the body, a head-mounted camera and projected screen.  Using a series of specific choreographic arrangements, the performer initiates different states of balance in the signal.

The image is processed through a custom software system which is controlled by two handheld wireless sensors. The image is then sonified, enabling the body to connect to the mediated image and initiate a dialogue.

Based on (artist) Paul Ryan’s technique of “threeing” the Headgames score represents different relational positions that one can take when mediating conflict. The form of these positions resembles a circuit, or a system of interrelated processes. Each position allows the participant to relate to the content of a message in nested arrangements of observation that allows for a behavioral feedback circuit to occur.

Through this feedback circuit, the signal is extended into the environment through light and sound. It becomes something that can be given form and sculpted through movement. Through this embodied choreography of signal, the internal psychic space of the performer becomes immediately externalized and the process of finding balance can be enhanced and made observable.

Eric Barry Drasin is a Visual Artist, Musician and Curator working at the intersection of Digital Media, Installation and Real-time Synesthetic Audio-visual Performance.  He investigates ideas of Network, Community and Score through interactive performance environments, public interventions, impossible gestures, games, and abject failure.

Influenced by Improvised Music, Early Electronic Art, Esoteric Philosophies, Alternative Psychotherapeutic Modalities, Fluxus, and Radical Community Organizing, Eric creates systems and environments where digital media and performance embody notions of utopian collectivity and where space is operated upon as a compositional score.

A/V artists:
Andy Puls
 Malic Amalia
 Kit Young
Sound Artists:
Fistortion:   (raging free metal)
Brian Pedersen-sax
Jay Korber-drums
Greg Gorlen-electronics
Paul Costuros-cello



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