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Saturday, February 25, 2017, 8:30 pm, $7

Co-curated with the radical film e-zine Now!, this program honors Black History Month with a selection of new cinema that steps up to the crisis of US racial justice. Launching another year for the journal, in person is its editor, Alex Johnston, with his The Evidence of the Evidence (on Attica). His archival epic is preceded by a brave and beautiful filmic conversation on the Afro-American past and present: Kelly Gallagher’s More Dangerous Than A Thousand Rioters (on Lucy Parsons), Dan Albright’s Baton Rouge/Jackson ’63, Jason Halprin’s July 8th, 2016, and Lauren Moyer’s The Forcing, among others. Carolyn Dijckmeester-BinsBlack San Francisco spins off of James Baldwin’s Take This Hammer to follow up on 3 Hunter’s Point teens in that epochal ‘63 doc. ALSO contributions from Cauleen Smith, Ja’Tovia Gary, and Agnes Varda (Panther Newsreel)!

politti2:black lives matter

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