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Other Cinema; Avant to Live: NEW EXPERIMENTAL WORKS

Saturday, December 17, 2016, 8:30 pm, $9.99

An energized evening that champions personal expression and radical form, with most makers in the flesh: Featured are in-person premieres of Kate McCabe‘s You And I Remain, Scott Stark‘sIs It True What They Say?, Mike Kuchar‘s Sleepwalkers, Tommy Becker‘s Exiting the Zoo, Ken Paul Rosenthal‘s Sally, Faith Arazi‘s Seasonal, and Emily Drummer‘s Histories of Simulated Intimacy. ALSO Soda Jerk‘s The Was, Katherin McInnisChildren of Lir, Julie Murray‘s Photogram, Vicki Bennett‘s Shopping, Carl Elsaesser‘s Vague Images, Aaron Kutnick‘s Sound Film, Sara Tochetti‘s Proon, and Kevin Gourvellec/Anne Piette‘s It’s So Sweet. Come early for free pencils and 3-D fly-through from Bryan Boyce. *$9.99

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