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Other Cinema; Aesthetics of Analysis: KEVIN B. LEE + HARUN FAROCKI’s PARALLEL

Tuesday, November 29, 2016, 12:03 am

One of the most visible and articulate “video essayists” alive today, the SF-born Lee demonstrates both his Theory and his Practice of the newest genre within film criticism. Instead of merely writing a text on a work of cinema, today’s media-savvy critics might now make their points on time-based platforms through audiovisual “quotations” from the movie itself. Kevin introduces a half-dozen of his own 7-min. faves (including ones on Tarantino and Spielberg), before giving the screen over to an undisputed master of the Essay Film, the late Harun Farocki. As the very first Scholar-in-Residence at Berlin‘s new Farocki Institute, it is Kevin‘s–and our–pleasure to premiere one of Harun‘s last pieces, a 40-min. “formal” critique of video games!

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