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Cine+Mas: MADE IN CALIFAS SHORTS PROGRAM- San Francisco Latino Film Festival

Sunday, September 18, 2016, 3:00 pm, $11-$12

Shorts by California filmmakers including Bay Area. A combination of seasoned and emerging talent. Several filmmakers have had their work with CMSF in past seasons.

Dir. Gerardo Maravilla
2015,USA, 10 mins – Action/Drama

As a sick mother nods off to sleep, her teenage son anxiously sits with his new role as the familys breadwinner. Rather than spend his night with a girl or at a house party, he sneaks out to handle the thick stack of medical bills. Salvador, his co-worker leads him into the dark arena of backyard boxing where hes set to face off against a fighter almost twice his size.

Dir.Andres Gallegos
2016, USA, 6 mins- Drama
Driven to reconstitute his past, an aging man searches for his most precious memory.

El Doctor
Dir. Heather de Michelle Writer: Jude Roth
2015, USA, 11 mins, Drama
In an Arizona Home Depot parking lot, a married couple – ‘Andrew’ and ‘Jen’  hires undocumented day laborer ‘Carlos’ and his buddy to repair their deck. As Carlos washes up in the familys bathroom, 7-yr-old ‘Jonah interrupts him. A tragedy of errors puts Carloss and Andrews lives at risk, leaving everyone caught between their individual consciences and the law.

Mexican Cuisine
Dir. Fran Guijarro
2015, USA, 5 mins, Doc

Peek into the kitchen of most restaurants- Mexican or otherwise- chances are there’s a Mexican staff.

Through The Wall
Dir. Tim Nackashi
2015, USA/Mexico, 6 mins
A short documentary about a family divided by the US/Mexico border. Uriel, Abril and Julián must cross difficult terrain to reach the border fence where they spend time together through the wall.

Diablo / Devil
Dir. Paula Sozzi Saslow
2015, USA, 21 mins
Somewhere in Northern California, a construction worker finds a large sum of money while excavating a job site but when he learns that it is blood money from a drug lord, he decides to take justice into his own hands with unexpected consequences.

Dogs & Tacos
Dir.Steve Bachrach
2016, USA, 17 mins.
High school junior Alma Pantaleon arrives at her after-school work shift at a local South-Central Los Angeles taquería. Instead of tacos-and-burritos-as-usual, things get complicated when she finds herself stuck baby-sitting a former boyfriend’s 13 year-old kid brother, who’s no longer the ‘sweet little boy’ she remembers.

Dir. Brenda Avila-Hann
2016, USA, 9 mins.
Profile on a young trans woman in Santa Cruz via Oaxaca.

spirit of Fallen Artists
Dir. Claudia Escobar
2016, USA, 6 mins.
Oakland artist painting a mural who was killed lives on in his work and the memor of those who knew and worked with him.

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