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Saturday, September 17, 2016, 8:30 pm

Flying up from Lima is Rotterdam’s Tiger Award-winner Juan Daniel Molero, with the US theatrical premiere of this long-overdue look at the contemporary lives and loves of Peruvian youths, coming of age in the globalized era of the internet, cybersex, and psychedelic drugs. Hooking up online, his slacker teens trip into a delusional world of Google Glass porn, Mayan Apocalypse, conspiracy theories, and real corruption in the post-modern Latino metropolis. OPENING are local brujos Gustavo Vazquez and Guillermo Galindo, live-mixing Mexican horror, sci-fi, “Santo”, and even Z musicals, their soundtracks processed ‘in situ’ through Gal*in_dog’s analog-synth rig. The big-screen mash-up is fronted by Gustavo’s perverse dance moves and mischievous mis-translations.

aztec macabre
mayan apocalypse

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