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Chaos and Order, an iotaCenter Salon

Friday, August 26, 2016, 8:00 pm, $7-$10

3-78 20Witness a collection of visual music from across time and from around the world that represent the spectrum of rationality. Order on the one side and chaos on the other.  Are they truly polar opposites? Is there order in total chaos or chaos in highly organized forms?  Tell us your thoughts in this night of films and discussion.

Salons are a signature component of the iotaCenter, the world’s first organization devoted to visual music.  These are wonderful nights where we get together as a community of artists, academics and curious onlookers to pontificate on the wild and abstract works called “visual music.”

Tonight represents our first collaboration with ATA and connecting with the experimental film community in San Francisco.


3/78 by Larry Cuba (HD – 5:30)

Train Landscape by Jules Engel (16mm – 4:10)

Kitsch in Synch by Adam K. Beckett (16mm – 4:56)

Antag | Protag by Michael Betancourt (HD – 1:45)

Scratch Pad by Hy Hirsh (16mm – 7:30)

Recurrents by J-Walt (16mm – 5:16)

Hinterland (Materialist film #001) by Blanca Rego (HD – 2:55)

Supercollider Dreaming by Aaron F. Ross (HD – 3:00)

Sky pacers by Harvey Goldman (HD – 8:10)

Sparrow Duet by Stephen Socki (HD – 3:54)

Blue DISCORD by Arianna Gazca (HD – 5:53)


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