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2 solo acoustic guitars, 1 solo organ

Saturday, May 14, 2016, 1:30 pm

Preston Swirnoff (San Diego / Mexico City)
Joshua Emery Blatchley (San Diego)
Solo Organ 
San Diego-based musician and composer Preston Swirnoff will play music from his new solo project ‘Haunted Sea Songs of Bahia’ – dark, eerie Brazilian folk ballads about the power of the ocean, disappearing fishermen, and lost love. Features versions of songs from the 1940’s by the legendary Dorival Caymmi, played on classical guitar and sung in Portuguese, along with Swirnoff’s instrumental originals.  Preston’s background in punk, acid folk, and midnight jazz all come through in these mesmerizing, otherworldly sea shanties.  The album will be released on vinyl/cassette/digital this spring.

Preston released ‘Maariv’, a solo album of electroacoustic compositions on Last Visible Dog records in 2008.  He has an extensive discography over the past 10+ years with Monosov Swirnoff, Shining Path, Habitat Sound System, Seesaw Ensemble, and others.  Swirnoff has also composed original scores for films, theater, art installations, and modern dance ensembles.  He has toured throughout the US, Mexico, Europe, and South America.

Joshua Emery Blatchley

A new voice in the Ragtime and American Primitive guitar-playing lineage, Blatchley offers a unique interpretation of both new and traditional compositions.


The solo Hammond organ project of San Francisco sound artist Douglas Katelus. Deep thick psychedelic minimalist tone.

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