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Burqa Boxers

Sunday, April 17, 2016, 3:00 pm, $7-$10

Taslima BoxingFilmmaker Alka Raghuram in Person!

In a culture where beauty, delicacy, refinement and submission are the prized traits to the ultimate feminine career fulfillment, marriage, young Muslim women in Kolkata challenge stereotypes, learning boxing with Razia Shabnam one of the first Indian women to become a boxing coach and an international referee.

Burqa Boxers is the story of Ajmira Khatoon (16), who wants to make a name for herself to prove to her father and brothers that she amounts to something; Parveen Sajda (24) who dreams of becoming a police officer, and Taslima Khatoon (16) who must learn to negotiate her fear of sexual assault, as they take the first baby steps towards making their dreams true, dreams of creating a different future than the one handed to them. It is a portrait of their dreams and aspirations. The story covers four years in the lives of these boxers and documents the changing landscape of their lives and their transformation. Alka Raghuram, India/France/US, 84mins


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