Artists' Television Access


Friday, April 1, 2016, 8:00 pm, $4

CLIn the spirit of China Libre, come lit and stay for the goodies. We’ve got you on the visually poetic and absurd, all on fresh celluloid, Hi-8, and video.

Inspired by Ray and Charles’ Eames Powers of 10, PRGRM I  is exploring all the small things on a BIG SCALE, what we really think of when leaving Earth behind.

Just to name a few, we’re featuring:

– Matthew Psyllos and his live (16mm) performance of Prickles and Goo (no two viewings are alike!)

– Claudio Caldino’s spiritual super 8 trance into a field of daisies with Ofrenda

– ACTUAL alien abduction on Hi-8 w/ Linda Scobie’s Sightings.

– Antonio Martinez’s surreal decomposing pixelated visions from beyond with 00:00AM

– A rare print of Jennifer Hardacker’s Managing Your Emotions, (internally nebulous)

…And a BUNCH more!

China Libre is sharing an eclectic mix from The Bay, Baja, Buenos Aires, Berlin, LA, and Montreal… All friends, friends of friends, and soon to be friends are invited! Come early for the temporary tattoos and homemade kaleidoscopes.


Untitled (Anton Rivera, 5:00)

Adrienne (Nils Norsel, 4:30)

0000AM (Antonio Martinez, 2:00)

The Rape of The Lock (Thalia Fry, 3:30)

Fantasy (Sarah Brown, 2:00)

Megafono (Ruben G. Marrufo, 6:30)

Mission Alone (Kevyin Bong, 5:00)

1 AM (William Dauel, 1:30)

Sightings (Linda Scobie, 5:00)

Bunte Kuh (Parastoo Anoushahpour, Ryan Ferko and Faraz Anoushahpour, 5:30)

En El Rio (Caro Andretti, 2:00)

Kawaakari (Deidre Charlene Locklear, 2:00)

Prickles & Goo (Matthew Psyllos, 8:00)

Have A Nice Day (Faye Orlove, 3:00)

Managing Your Emotions (Jennifer Hardacker, 6:30)

Ofrenda (Claudio Caldini, 4:00)

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