Artists' Television Access

Other Cinema: OPTRONICA1

Saturday, March 5, 2016, 8:30 pm, $8



Opening our semi-annual Optronica suite is) Kraftwerk: Pop Art, the BBC‘s absorbing doc on the godfathers of electronic music. Produced in conjunction with (and including performance clips from) their famous 2013 Tate Modern shows, the 55-min. report, like the band itself, proceeds effortlessly from expert interviews to fascinating music excerpts, some as early as 1970! Opening is local dorkbot Kit Young, here with a ingenious joy-station of video-loopers and analog FX boxes for his 20-min. Plumb the Depths. ALSO: The unstoppable Tommy Becker premiering his Aquarium, Vicki (PLU) Bennett‘s Matmos homage, and jolts of juice from Len Lye, Anna Spence, and Negativland (RIP Don Joyce).

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