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Fear Collecting Ritual : a fools Journey

Friday, February 26, 2016, 7:30 pm, $7_$10

LucienAn evening with Lucien Shapiro and friends, Film screening with Shaun Roberts Edison, and live music by death cheetah.

Analects is a take on see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil, and explores a symbolic loss of speech, hearing, and sight. As each of the senses is lost, a different mask is worn, and the wearer goes on a quest for understanding in an attempt to regain what was lost. This is a project filmed by Shaun Roberts and scored by Edison, and is starring Lucien Shapiro and his artwork.

“Fear is the Mind Killer.” This is a ritual performed and filmed recently, and is the purpose behind the project. Addressing those greatest challenges each of us face in our lives, the Fear Ritual symbolizes one’s ability to relinquish the doubt and despair that prevent us from conquering and moving forward on our personal journeys. The mask-wearer, placing the “Relinquishing Vessel” in front of himself, kneels and repeatedly dips the glimmering stone hanging from his mask into the vessel while chanting “I release you.”  After a healthy repetition of the chant, mask-wearer stares at the reflective liquid into his eyes, feeling the escape of fears into the vessel. Mask-wearer then pours the vessel’s contents in a circle around him, and through a long meditative sleep amongst relinquished fears, conquers his challenges in order to progress..

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