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Periwinkle Cinema: Mod Fuck Explosion

Wednesday, February 17, 2016, 8:00 pm, $7-$10

modfuckexplDirected by underground cult director Jon Mortisugu and shot in San Francisco. Mod Fuck Explosion is a film you wont want to miss. Featuring apperances by Justin Vivian Bond (Shortbus, Kiki and Herb) James Duval (Totally Fucked Up, Doom Generation) and Desi Del Valle (Desi’s Looking For A New Girl, Costa Brava) plus a kick ass soundtrack by Karyo Tengoku

Mod Fuck Explosion is about a young girl named London who is trying to find meaning in the world, or a leather jacket of her very own. Unaccepted by the Mods or the bikers, she tries to find her own path through life. Meanwhile the Mods and the bikers have a vendetta against each other that is sure to erupt in a smorgasbord of violence.

“This film is filled with the piss and vinegar of all the frustrations of the racially burdened, queer, and sexually challenged teen punks without a true identity. Cinematically, this film is about as punk as it can get. It doesn’t just have punks in it, but the actual cinema is punk rock. Fast, exuberant, lo-fi and rough as all get out. This film looks like it came from film-school detention.” –

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