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Corum’s Magic Mirror & White Gourd & Windslow

Tuesday, February 16, 2016, 8:00 pm, $7-$10

magic mirrorCorum’s Magic Mirror: 

“Magic Mirror is the creative audio/video project of Corum whose outsider vinyl Trilogy under the monikers of Beguiling Isles and Effigy Mounds has sought to explore a metaphysical relationship with a micro to macrocosmic world.  His sounds examine esoteric and spiritual concepts through hypnotic layers of rhythm and melody, and might be exoticist if you find “the outerzone of infinite space” exotic.  Corum has recorded with an array of artists these last few years, including members of Smegma, Expo 70, Arrington de Dionyso, Spencer Clark (The Skaters / Monopoly Child), MSHR and Thollem McDonas; And like these artists, he too brings a psychedelic atmosphere, one not culled from a traditional sense, but of a deeply inmate ability to transform a space sonically creating a more spiritual, or visceral affair.  He is a member of the group Million Brazilians and co-founder of label Psychic Sounds Records.” – Chris Webb, PSR Newspot



WG_MASS_3White Gourd:

White Gourd explores the depths of the tarot as metaphorical exploration in the form of music performances using a variety of found objects, gongs, 78 player, piano and audio cassette loops.  Accompanied with a full visual installation, and often ritual costume, the presence of each performance has a completely different affect with the chosen card for the evening or tour. White Gourd is the solo work of Suzanne Stone.  In addition to being a visual artist, herbalist, master gardener, and bee keeper, she is well known for involvement as vocalist & saxophonist in the experimental ensemble Million Brazilians

“White Gourd’s Suzanne Stone makes ritual performance art combining disjointed sounds, left field avant sax freak outs, and machete wielding incantations, to command her audience in her conceptual tarot pieces, which bring to life deep rooted cosmological convictions.”
Matthew Henderson, M.A.S.S. organizer 



Idaho Joe WindslowWindslow: 

“Idaho Joe Windslow is one of the most guileless-sounding musicians around these days, a quality that puts him in good company with fellow outsider artists like Daniel Johnston. Using instruments of his own creation—like the gongtar, a cello fitted with a gong resonator—and drum machines he apparently picked up in India and the Middle East, Windslow creates hypnotic, lo-fi, mantra-like pseudo-pop tunes that, as he puts it, are about his “struggles with depression [and] anxiety and how they relate to the artist’s mind” that translates to swirling, warbling self-recriminations and strange confessional tunes sung with a lilt eerily similar to David Thomas of Pere Ubu.” – ROBERT HAM, Portland Mercury



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