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Sistah Sinema: Karmen Gei

Thursday, November 20, 2014, 7:30 pm, $7-$12

Karmen GeiKarmen Gei: The story of tempestuous Carmen, first told in a short story by Prosper Merimee and made famous in an opera by Georges Bizet, gets a new and striking modern-dress adaptation in this provocative drama with stunning Senegalese music.
Karmen Gei (Jeinaba Diop Gai) is an inmate in a women’s prison in Senegal; bisexual, lusty, impulsive, and looking out for herself at all times, Karmen’s uninhibited dancing and sensual demeanor excites the Sapphic passions of Angelique (Stephanie Biddle), the prison’s warden.

Film is in Wolof with English sub-titles.


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