Artists' Television Access

” One Summer. Two Analog Views”

October 1, 2018 - October 31, 2014

El suen?o de Luci?a FOTOHANNA QUEVEDO     In collaboration with    JOSHUA NISSEN KING

Hanna’s photos will be hung gallery style spaced with slightly more breath between each image allowing for the continuation of the images by King’s intuitive site specific painting. King will extend the palette of the images captured by Quevedo until they meet the periphery of neighboring piece.

Quevedo’s works successfully archive multiple moments passed in the same image by way of superimposed and multiple exposure techniques. The technique in which the works reference memory and nostalgia is by way of the combination of image and continuation of form.

This mimics the clustering of our memory and the sometimes impossible attempt to separate one moment from the next, just as her images blur the lines that divide time and place, Kings addendum to her visual weight acts as an alternate means of communicating the same essential idea.  Some images will be framed and still have the continuation by King, while others may just appear to bleed, or fade out.

Light and shadow, shape and form, these are the elements that make up the composition

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