Artists' Television Access

30-Hour Marathon, Program V: MOBILE MINIS

Friday, September 5, 2014, 10:00 pm, $7-10

Special 30th Anniversary Program
Curated by Molly Hankwitz


This September Artists’ Television Access celebrates its 30th anniversary. This 30-hour marathon screening continues ATA’s tradition of extreme performance and endurance art. The screening begins at 1:00 p.m. on Friday, September 5th, with a brief intermission at 4:00 a.m., and ends at 7:00 p.m. on Saturday, September 6th. The program draws from ATA’s long history and beyond of independent, underground, experimental film and video, with work by ATA’s global network of friends, collaborators, and artists. Pancakes at 6:00 a.m., plus free coffee refills!

Program V: MOBILE MINIS, curated by Molly Hankwitz

The Medium is the Massage. This program packs every pixel with intense, radical ideas. Make art with everything, everywhere, with whatever you got. Less is more!

TATLIN, David Cox, 1990, 1:00
TEXTURE MAPPING, Mark Bain, 1991, 10:00
THE NOISE WALL: Tracking the limits of perception, Mark Bain, 1992, 4:00
ELECTROPHASE, Mark Bain, 1995, 4:52
ROTODYNAMICS IN 3d, Mark Bain, 1995, 3:30
MANIFESTOON, Jesse Drew, 1995, 9:08
BIT Plane, Bureau of Inverse Technology, 1996, 15:13
8 BITS OR LESS, Part 1, Patrick Lichty, 2002, 4:13
A WRISTFUL OF BITS, Patrick Lichty, 2002, 4:26
URBAN STRECHNOLOGY TOOL KIT, David Cox and Molly Hankwitz, 2002, 14:48
NO MORE POOR ARTISTS, Molly Hankwitz and David Cox, 2007, 2:07
8 BITS OR LESS, PART 4, Patrick Lichty, no year, 3:01
FOR A FEW BITS MORE, Patrick Lichty, 2011, 4:25
FOXY NEWSY, Bryan Boyce, 2011, 0:48
EXPERIMENT 2, Allison Leigh Holt, 2011, 4:05
RE-ANIMATING DINOSAURS, Jean Poole, 2012, 1:53
G.I. JOE, Cineflix/8 Bit Cinema, 2013, 1:35
AIRSHIP OVER THE NSA, Greenpeace et al, 2014, 0:39
DIY DRONE BRIGADE INTERVENTION, Patrick Lichty, 2014, 4:34

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ATA’s 30th Anniversary 30-Hour Marathon
All shows are $7-10 at the door. Get a Marathon Pass for only $30 and stay for all 15 shows!

Friday, September 5, 2014, Doors open at 12:30pm

1:00 pm – Opening Program: Favorites from the Archive
3:00 pm – Program II: Even More Favorites from the Archive
5:30 pm – Program III: ATA Lives!
8:00 pm – Program IV: Marshall Weber’s “Flatlands”
10:00 pm – Program V: MOBILE MINIS, Curated by Molly Hankwitz

Saturday, September 6, 2014

12:00 am – Program VI: Craig Baldwin’s “Mock Up On Mu”
2:00 am – Program VII: Lutz Dammbeck’s “The Net”
4:00 am – Brief Intermission
4:05 am – Program VIII: Things We Don’t Know That We Don’t Know
6:00 am – Program IX: Pancakes + Damon Packard’s “Reflections of Evil”
8:00 am – Program X: Negativland’s Our Favorite Things
10:00 am – Program XI: Myths of Thee Underground
11:00 am – Program XII: The Galapagos Affair, curated by Anastasia Pahules
1:00 pm – Program XIII: Curious Collage,  curated by Kathleen Quillian
3:00 pm – Program XIV: Roswell + Confessions of a Sociopath + Beneath the Skin, curated by Linda Scobie
5:00 pm – Program XV: Performance/Video, curated by Karla Milosevich
7:00 pm – Show ends!

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