Artists' Television Access

Eye on the past, moving forward with liona Berger and Others! This Thursday Sept. 4, 8PM


Artists’ Television Access presents a unique night of short films by the very artists that help make our organization possible. We’ll be showcasing an eclectic arrangement of work by ATA members past and present. 8-bit soundtracks, mix-media dialogues, medieval ‘apple knocking’ , night-vision basement punk shows, VHS rap video mash-ups, San Francisco fog and Mary Lou Williams, and time traveling cows trying to stop robot takeovers (in super-8!) –truly a night not to be missed!

Work by: Dayv Jones, Karla Milosevich, Brian Taylor, Francesca Ensler, Carl Diehl, Linda Scobie, Mike Missiaen, Lizzy Brooks, Ali Kashani, Tim Johnson, Kathleen Quillian, Dale Hoyt, Shae Green, Iiona Berger, Claire Bain, Ivan Jaigirdar, and more…

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Iiona Berger 1st ATA fest shot

Page from out first ATA Film & Video Festival. See work by liona Berger and others this Thursday night September 4 at our 30th Anniversary Special Edition OpenScreening

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