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Dr. Hawaii & Jezus: El Teror! & Death Wish 6: The Eviction

Friday, August 8, 2014, 8:00 pm, $7

“Dr. Hawaii”

Rudnick and Ross’s thesis film from SFAI, in Rock’s words “A sampler that using every technique, film stock, and piece of film equipment that we encountered.” The film is a near anarchic film, touching on everything from TV Weather broadcasts, westerns, sitcoms and even hollywood itself! 

Nearly hallucinogenic television insanity…. on 16mm film-by Michael Rudnick and Rock Ross (1976, 45min)


“Jezus: El Teror!”

 Agents of Satan Beware! The son of God returns to preach the virtues of acceptance, but instead finds himself “Patriot Acted” and behind bars in Guantanamo Bay. The only way out is through Vengeance! Satire! Camp Comedy! Bad Takes! Bible Jokes! Cock Humor! Laser Fights! Jezus and God! starring- Jason Downs and Stephen Pawley- by Ian Phillips Enggasser (2005, 25min)


“Death Wish 6 : The Eviction”

Paul Kersey (Charles Bronson) aka the Vigilante was driven to take on the punks in New York City after the rape of his daughter and death of his dear Wife. Forced to take on the punks in Los Angeles after the death of his daughter by their evil hands. Took on the punks in Chicago…. But now trying to live a quiet life in San Francisco Kersey is once again attacked on all fronts from a new kind of lawless thieves…. landlords the tech movement. No one messes with the Vigilante! – by Douglas Katelus (2014, 4min)

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