Artists' Television Access

Rotterdam VHS Festival

Thursday, June 26, 2014, 8:00 pm, $7-$10

Rotterdam_VHS_Festival_02“The Rotterdam VHS Festival was started in 2001 by visual artists Niels Post, Jeroen Kuster, Han Hoogerbrugge and Leon Duenk. At that time we were all involved in making short videos and we looked at organising a video festival as a natural extention to our own visual art practice. Since it’s foundation we have organised 18 editions of the festival. Every once in a while we also put together special compilation programs to screen abroad. Our programs show a wide range of works from naratives to perfomances to mini-documentaries to music-videos to animation. From high production value to crusty squatter kids. Our selection criteria are based on our personal tastes and preferences and are therefore completely unreliable and un-trustworthy :-).

The Rotterdam VHS Festival is best seen in a cinematic set-up (as in a something to sit on, sound and a videoprojection). For more


Jasper van Es – Benauwd

Cassandra Tytler – Man vs Nature

Ellen Lake – Trina’s collection

Aeneas Wilder – Untitled #104

Abner Preis – Timy Teardrop

Rik de Boe – The hideaway tune

Mendel Hardeman – Caress

Bryan Fu – Echopraxia

Maxime Tymenko – Bolek & Lolek

Niels Post – Bowhunting

Jeroen Kuster – Hé Jeroen

Anja Masling – Mit haut und haar

Jeroen Kuster – Heet

Danny Plotnick – Out of print

IBW/ Dick Verdult– Honduras Tapes

Hondenkoekjesfabriek – Mayoman

Ate M Hes – Rampoi 5380

Poh Wang – Water flows

Han Hoogerbrugge – Landslide

Flimfilm – Disksharing 2.0

Egill Saebjornsson – Loving insane

Franzis Wiese – Fabel haft…. they are resurrected part II

Leon Duenk – Sharp dressed men

Tomas Schats – Lantarenpaal, Boom

Joe Kisser – Dag 3

Winkel & Köperl – Pausing in indifference

Hope Tucker – Big Star

Johannes Maier – Sirene sang sie

Daniele Pario Perra – America the beautiful

Sietske Tjallingii – The last adventure of Superman

JR – 28 milimetres


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