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Friday, April 11, 2014, 8:00 pm, Konrad Steiner & Leslie Scalapino’s “way”

Text and Voice: Leslie Scalapino
Image and Montage: Konrad Steiner
Konrad Steiner in person
Leslie Scalapino was an Oakland-based poet and experimental prose writer, often associated with the Language poets whose passing left a huge imprint on the international poetry scene. San Francisco filmmaker and curator Konrad Steiner’s feature length film is a visual response to Scalapino’s reading of her epic poem, way. The film includes a soundtrack of Scalapino reading her entire book-length poem, way, accompanied by a montage photographed and assembled by Steiner from many sources: original 16mm and video footage of San Francisco during the dot-com boom, excerpts of Japanese and American feature films, and internet found video. The intention of the project is to create a musical space in cinema for the interplay of language and image. Through counterpoint, phrasing, tempo, and rhythm, the visual and the verbal are braided in time. (2012, 68 min, HD video)
This will be the premiere screening of the video version of the film.

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