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Match (dat) sock (opening reception)

Wednesday, March 5, 2014, 6:30 pm

This show is for you, and for you..
It’s for us! For our feet. For our hearts!

It would be lovely to see you there, come by and enjoy my latest work,

Help the socks to find the perfect match, they went on never ending travels and adventures to find it.
You will enjoy wonderful encounters while trying to find your own secret sock personality.

Much Love,
Ana Rivero

This project represents a metaphor of the complex reality that is finding a soul mate in San Francisco.
This idea came to me out of the mission impossible that  is finding a match in this city which is filled with the most complex and creative personalities.
This is almost as hard as finding the lost sock…
Each sock represents a soul that is searching for it’s match, just as the souls in the city are in a constant search of their mates, hoping to find that match out there to fulfill the hearts desires.
Through the use of socks, I am aiming to represent a human reality in a satirical way. I wish to get people to see their situation with perspective, with humor, relaxing into the idea of finding their partners.

Thank you to my match sock Todd Hanson for his help in brain storming to find new play on words and matching socks.

Do you think Dating Socks…is your thing?

In a city where socks get easily disconnected and lonely this is an attempt to help them find their solemate.
Some fell out of the basket, some ran away from home with the illusion that the may find an ideal match.
I even heard some were thrown away just because they were disconnected, lonely or had some holes in their personality.
Socks have fitting rights and I am stepping up for them.
Please, next time you find a sock alone consider donating it to the Match.sock project.

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