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see also: Canyon Cinema’s Inaugural Salon featuring Sandra Davis

The inaugural Canyon Cinema Salon happens Monday, February 24th featuring San Francisco-based experimental filmmaker and curator Sandra Davis at New Nothing Cinema (16 Sherman Street, downtown San Francisco). She will present a contrasting duo that demonstrate differing avenues of motivation and inspiration in her practice – IGNORANCE BEFORE MALICE (2006, excerpt), a blistering essay film that sheds light on the struggle to heal within the American medical system and coming to terms with one’s own physical limitations and mortality; along with a very personal, short, ode-like work FOR A YOUNG CINEASTE / A UNE JEUNE CINEASTE (2014) which blissfully travels into another, and private, direction.

7:00pm- Exhibition of photographic works and reception.

7:30pm* – Screening and discussion featuring an excerpt from IGNORANCE BEFORE MALICE (2006) and the unofficial world premier of her latest work FOR A YOUNG CINEASTE / A UNE JEUNE CINEASTE (2014).

*Note: Street entrance locked at 7:30 – please arrive on time.

Admission is Free.

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