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GAZE #6: Luminous Impulse (all-animation show!)

Friday, November 22, 2013, 8:00 pm, $6-$10, 0

Deep Dark_GAZECobbled together using smoke, mirrors, and the old projector from your grandma’s attic, we bring you GAZE’s first ever all-animation show. From the hand-drawn and low fi to the digitally seamless, this series of films is a celebration of light, alchemy, and persistence of vision. There will be 3D glasses. There will be popcorn. See the beauty – touch the magic.
Jodie Mack – “Let Your Light Shine”

Laura Heit – “The Deep Dark”

Tess Martin – “The Whale Story”

Christine Lucy Latimer – “Focus”

Sara Ludy – “Rooms”

Kate Nartker – “Line by Line”

Sarah Klein – “Between the Lines”

Larissa Sansour – “Nation Estate”

Hilary Goldberg – “The Deer In Between – Episode 1”

Kerry Laitala – “Conjurors Box”

Kiri Hargie – “10,950 Part II”

Jilli Rose – “Predator!!!”

GAZE is a film series dedicated to screening independent film and video made by women. GAZE promotes women’s artistic expression and  creates dialogue related to the influence of this powerful medium.

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