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Abstracts in Motion: Films by Huckleberry Lain

Friday, November 15, 2013, 8:00 pm, $6, 0

Earths_ShadowA playful dreamy mix of flickering colors, neon lights and dazzling doodles will conjure visions of Jules Engel, Harry Smith and Marry Ellen Bute. A whirlwind of musical disillusion will take you ona
journey through unexplored worlds. Silent stop-motion scary stories. And reconstructed old movie palaces show a view of old Los Angeles from the Golden Age of Cinema. This program shows a collection of films by Huckleberry Lain throughout his twelve year career as an independent movie maker. This program contains soundtracks composed by Alejandro Cohen (of Pharaohs, Languis and Psychic Powers).
The night will finish with a film by legendary director Mike Kuchar that stars Huckleberry Lain.

Bio: Originally from the Bay Area Huckleberry as spent time in New York where he got to know Mike Kuchar and first starred in his pictures. He received his BA from NYU in experimental film and philosophy before he moved on to LA where he studied Animation under  Kathy Smith, Christine Panushka and Larry Cuba to name a few. He received an MFA shortly after from USC. His work explores a range of ideas and images. Themes of historical representations, environmental impact, color  theory and “visual music” can all be found in his films. Lain’s films have shown at the New York Underground Film Festival, Antimatter Film Festival, Chicago Underground Film Festival and others. He has traveled to Italy, Japan and Australia for his film and art. Lain also received some attention for his tattoo of Peter Kubelka’s “Arnulf Rainer”, which he was interviewed for in Fragments of Kubelka by Martina Kudláček. This will be his first retrospective in San Francisco.)

Earth’s Shadow – 10.04
Parable of the Thoughtless Man – 5.04
Intervals and Transformations – 3.29
Antiquities for the Queen of Angels – 10.25
Parallel – 32
Paradise Gone by Mike Kuchar – 7.38

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