Artists' Television Access

Frenkel Defects

Friday, October 25, 2013, 8:00 pm, $6-$10, 0

TerminusA short program of 16mm film works from the Process Reversal Collective and other artist-run film groups including L’Abominable (Paris, France), The Double Negative Collective (Montreal, PQ), Cherry Kino (Leeds, UK) and The Handmade Film Institute (Boulder, CO). Filmmakers including Sarah Biagini, Andrew Busti, Taylor Dunne, Nicolas Rey, Kevin Rice, Robert Schaller, Martha Jurksaitis & Philippe Leonard.

Sucia – Robert Schaller (The Handmade Film Institute)

Salt – Martha Jurkastis (Cherry Kino)

I Swim Now – Sarah Biagini (Process Reversal)

Terminus for You – Nicolas Rey (L’Abominable)

At Hand – Andrew Busti (Process Reversal)

Perceptual Subjectivity – Philippe Leonard (Double Negative Collective)

Cornmother – Taylor Dunne (Process Reversal) 

Peach – Martha Jurkastis (Cherry Kino)

Sanctuary – Kevin Rice (Process Reversal)

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