Artists' Television Access


Wednesday, October 16, 2013, 8:00 pm, $6, 0

SMASHISMShort musical event with:
Pod Blotz
Nom De Plume (Mick Goldwater)
SMASHISIM is a collection of new images, video and sound that commonly draw from a dark psycadelia – dream-like, mind-bending, mind-altering, mind-expanding. SMASHISIM combines organic and synthetic concerns through experimental film works live video synthesis and performance. Themes covered are: experiential rituals, complexities of the natural world and digital interferences, humans bodies as abstractions, a room as an exterior space and a mountain range as interior space. Mutations of static sound all blend together into one night and are confused in the murk of pixels.
Cary Loren (from Destroy All Monsters)
Sporay (Brock Fansler and Eva Aguila  of Experimental Half Hour)
ESP TV LAB (Victoria Keddie and Scott Keirnan)
Kamau Amu Patton
Melissa Joy Bernier

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