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An evening with Sabot and friends

Friday, October 11, 2013, 7:00 pm, $6, 0

“SABOT may have invented the DIY world tour. The duo, composed of bassist Christopher Rankin and drummer Hilary Binder, originally formed in San Francisco in 1988 as a spinoff from a punk trio called Forethought. In 1993, they moved to a small town in the Czech Republic. From this freshly post-revolution home base, Sabot embarked on a 20+ year career of constant touring, self-releasing, and building global relationships founded on a passion for writing, performing, and sharing music.” Josh,


Chris and Hilary on the road (Chris a Hilary na cestě), Filip Remunda / Czech Rep. / 1999 / 16 min

Two American musicians, Hilary and Chris, bought and old mill in Tabor. Their alternative way of life is in contradiction with the conservative living style of a small town in southern Bohemia. Nevertheless, their neighbour, Mrs. Majen, is not afraid – she never feared the Romas living in town, so why should she fear Hilary and Chris.


Sabot Silk Road tour, Christine Coulange and Nchan Manoyan / France / 2012 / 40 min

One of Sabot’s more remarkable ventures was the 1999 overland Silk Road Tour, in which they set off from Czech and traveled across Europe and Central Asia by road, rail and rickshaw for a tour of improvised collaborations. Christine Coulange and Nchan Manoyan / Les 7 Portes traveled with Sabot to witness and document the tour. This film is the just-finished documentary covering the 1999 adventure. They returned to China for the world premiere of the film in Beijing in November 2012.


Czech Dream (Český sen)Czech Dream (Český sen) , Vít Klusák, Filip Remunda / Czech Rep. / 2004 / 86 min

Two young documentary filmmakers set out to explore the psychological powers of consumerism by creating an ad campaign for a super store that doesn’t exist.

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