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Jelly Bones Collective Presents: “This Is Me, This is My Head/This Is Me, This Is My Body”

Friday, September 27, 2013, 8:00 pm, $6


Trelkovsky, the main character in Roman Polanski’s 1976 psychological thriller, The Tenant, is literally a tenant: a person who rents an apartment from a landlord. While, this term is useful in its literal sense, the figurative definition of a tenant as anyone who occupies space that does not wholly belong to her or him offers more substantive insight to Trelkovsky’s state. His body: a tenant to his mind; his mind: the product of a complex socialization process within a political, moral, and economic cultural framework. Through film, sound and performance, several artists will attempt to explore, challenge and disrupt the cultural narratives that socialize us into relationships with our bodies, as well as the political economies in which these narratives are constructed in a nonlinear format and immersive environment.



  • Nico Cevallos:  Nico’s documentary-style approach to film personalizes and humanizes his subjects. His live-feed and live film manipulation explores sexuality and hierarchy
  • Noaa Dye:  Noaa’s films are stark and unsettling. His raw, gritty approach to film, lighting and costuming assist in his exploration of gender, body, and sexual identities.
  • Everrett Thompson:  Everrett’s live electronic sound is an impromptu, experimental take on dance music
  • Violet Orso: Through motion, Violet explores the ways in which our bodies are conditioned to interpret and respond to sound
  • White Boy Scream: This Seattle-based drone and performance accompaniment challenges musical paradigms and disrupts traditional musical approaches that engage the consumer’s bodies
  • Danny Bones: Performing “Dismemberment.” To what extent do we have control over our bodies?
  • Kelly Connelly: Performing “Night Out.” Kelly explores a complex, unreciprocated relationship with mirrors

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