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Your Skin is the Fourth Wall (postponed)

Saturday, July 13, 2013, 8:00 pm, $6,

Danny Germansen as The Angel in TEA IN A THUNDERCUP. Courtesy of Alison Williams Film Productions, producer of TEA IN A THUNDERCUP.

Danny Germansen as The Angel in TEA IN A THUNDERCUP.
Courtesy of Alison Williams Film Productions, producer of TEA IN A THUNDERCUP.

Pedro Alba (Spain). “PERFORMANCE & EXPERIMENTAL ARTIST ON THE PROCESS OF COMMUNICATION AND PUBLIC PARTICIPATION.” His work is based on the development of ideas and concepts worked from the transmedia and multidisciplinary. Mr. Alba’s work is like an open research laboratory and he believes that “video is not going to be a discipline that will escape.” He uses the video in a variety of ways: as the investigation of public participation as an integral part of the film to make it the protagonist experiential of the same; as the creation of short dark films based on action art and post-theater; as reflecting on contemporary society; and finally from a more cinematic aspect, Mr. Alba performs a series of experimental documentary films that sometimes begin with a simple idea and other times through a deeper documentation process. Mr. Alba is a collaborative artist, working with a larger company that creates transmedia art from original and unique concepts. A recent collaborative work, THE PATATERO, policy and performance in 2013, is an excellent example of the integral nature of public participation in Mr. Alba’s work. Pedro Alba is the director of the only internet tv, in Spanish, dedicated to action art and performance (TV ElRetreteRosa RR_Tv). He is also the director of the KAPAS / International Performance & Antisystem Itinerant Film Festival, with more than 10 European cities such as headquarters. At the time this press release is written, Mr. Alba’s show TROIKA, CONTRACOMUNICACIÓN Y POSTPERIODISMO has just opened at The Grey Square in Tarragona, Spain.
Camille Escudero (France). Ms. Ecudero’s performative research runs along the fault line separating the presence of absence, it explores its porosity. The body, as an artistic media, stumbles on its own incarnation and its own density. While creating one hundred “visual haiku” in Brussels in January 2012, Ms. Escudero began making videos, using her cellphone camera. She stresses that “I don’t “capture” images for its contents, but I explore the mobility of the “filming” body. The images become the body extension in order to see and think alerts and flickerings of sighted flesh: neither objective nor subjective.” The kinetics of the “camera-eye” fit material kinetics of body. Ms. Escudero is extremely prolific – her YouTube page is a busy place and quite a treat.
Francesca Fini (Italy). Ms. Fini works with mixed media, video and performance art. Her live projects, always addressing issues related to femininity and investigating the relationship between the individual and society and politics, are mixed with lo-fi technology, homemade interaction design devices, live audio and video. She hacks and cracks everyday objects such as surveillance cameras, wii-mote sensors and therapeutic electrodes, mostly used to give to her work an ironic flavor. “Technology is interesting, but rather than call your smartphone I prefer to twist your stomach talking to you through plastic cups connected with a string”. In December 2012 Ms. Fini took part in the invitational first “Venice International Performance Art Week”, which also featured Yoko Ono, Jan Fabre, Valie Export and Hermann Nitsch. She recently won the “Fonlad Performance Art Residency” to prepare a new performance in Coimbra, Portugal, with the support of Istituto Italiano di Cultura. As this press release was written, Ms. Fini was in Chicago as part of Rapid Pulse Performance Festival 2013.
Danny Germansen (Denmark). Mr. Germansen spent much of his childhood in and out of hospitals. After two paralyzing operations in his spinal core at the age of 9 and the age of 14, he was left paralyzed and in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. Not able to play and do sports with the other children of his age Mr. Germansen sat home and watch VCR and television, fantasizing and dreaming about making his own films. As a young adult, Mr. Germansen’s difficult path since childhood, compounded with living a lonely life in which he was not able to work and had difficulties getting around and meeting people, resulted in his slowly starting to break down. He started in treatment for his mental problems and soon after started to work on his first amateur film, MANIFESTATION, which was shown on DR 2 (Danish television) 2000. At age 24, he used the help he got from social workers and doctors to write and film his way out of his problems. Mr. Germansen continues to make films and video and now his films are shown around the world. Mr. Germansen’s recent projects include working with South African filmmaker and artist Alison Williams on a feature art film project called TEA IN A THUNDER CUP. As this press release is written, his video ALIENATION & LONELINESS is touring in TIME IS LOVE, an international video art program curated by Kisito Assangni.


sylviatoyindustries (United States). Sylvia Toy St. Louis is an actor, professionally trained videographer, and sculptor. Ms. Toy makes experimental movies that are improvised on camera. She makes sub-10 minute non-linear video art and plus-40 minute narrative movies. She shoots action mostly in front of a green screen, but carries a camera with her everywhere so that she can collect footage for backdrops. She says: “In 1990, an art dealer who was showing my sculpture asked me to expand my artist’s statement and read it as a sort of performance. Three weeks before the reading, I saw a performance poet on ‘Alive from Off Center’ whose performance was not just memorized, it was energized, a physical act – a total commitment of the body not just to the words themselves, but to the subtext. Since that time, I have striven to become not just a seasoned solo performance artist, but a good actor, totally committed not just to words, but to subtext itself.” As this press release was written, Ms. Toy’s performance art short short, LUCY IN A GARDEN, has been accepted as part of Headphones Festival 2013.

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