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Re-inventing the Reel

Friday, July 12, 2013, 8:00 pm, $6

rahrahCelebrating one year of Elements of Image Making.

In February of 2012 in Oakland California, Elements of Image Making began as a workshop for the promotion of analogue film craft. It has become a monthly meet-up/hang-out/nerd-out connecting those with something to learn and those with something to teach. Operating non-hierarchically and without agenda, Elements of Image Making is a vagrant Lyceum transferring the alchemical secrets of the past via word of mouth to anyone seeking initiation into celluloid film-istry. As the industrial interests that historically sustained film production abandon us, we self organize and defy irrelevancy- keeping film where it belongs, in the underground.

Reinventing the Reel celebrates Element’s one year anniversary along with the rich tradition of artist made cinema in the Bay Area with 16mm films and expanded cinema happenings.  With works by Zach Van Joo,Robert Schaller, Michael Morris, Tooth, Eric Stewart and more.

PLUS one film Raffle. Films is so awesome were just gonna be giving it away, by raffling off 100ft of, the now defunct, Ektachrome.

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