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Mel mann & Visual Aids

Friday, June 28, 2013, 8:00 pm, $6-$10

mel mannMel mann is the solo project of Nicolas Melmann.

A musician from Buenos Aires (Argentina), Melmann combines different musical dimensions, from electronics / electro, through children’s music, producing music for television, film, theater and installations, to its latest foray as a singer, always innovating from the composition, making test formats, exploring different sounds, resources and instruments.

With two records Kyoko (2005) Seven lives Otomi (music for theater -2006) and a third on the way, participations in compilations of various labels and working with local and international artists.
Mel mann combines electronics with acoustic instruments merely walking between experimentation and melody. The result: “nocturnal, introspective music.”

Since 2006 Melmann has been developing a media project combining sounds with images working with VJS, generating a mix between music and text image looking for a conceptual and discursive unity between them.

Perhaps his most noticeable musical references are Cocteau Twins, Coil and Pansonic.

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Visual AidsVisual Aids is an on going research project that is meant co exist alongside live music from Jungle Jim. Working with a variety of analogue technology and source material (vhs or internet based), Aids tries to find a continuity or language between sight and sound.

  With an interest in thrift store quality bootlegs, and weird themes, Aids finds humor in the obscure, painting the screen with new out of context sequences that allow the viewer to construct their own narratives.

As a combined entity, Jungle Jim’s gymnasium of sound is propelled forward with visual stimulus from Aids. With an interest in heavy sedated states of mind, Jungle Jim works merges bits of sonic collage that filters into a mirage of rhythms and acid-like progressions. Drawing from a wide variety of musical and other interests / themes, Jim builds up an eclectic palette of sonic geography.

Stirring the listener into an introspective trance, Jim creates an mind wielding sequence of  lush imagery, lined with a dystopian  backdrop of experimental dance. Together, Jim and Aids create a mirage of stimulated onslaught that merges both sight and sound into a single experience.

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