Artists' Television Access

American Hardcore (as part of the Experimental Music Yearbook in SF)

Friday, May 3, 2013, 8:00 pm, $6

Casey AndersonLos Angeles-based artists Casey Anderson and Scott Cazan present new and recent live-electronic work as part of a series of events celebrating the Experimental Music Yearbook’s weekend of San Francisco events. Anderson will present new work interfacing custom circuitry/hardware with improvisatory, digital structures to explore the acoustical properties of musical and non-musical objects. Cazan will present new work involving the use of custom software/hardware feedback networks where misunderstanding, chance, and chaotic elements in algorithms serve to generate new audio and visual information.
Casey Anderson is an artist working with sound in a number of media, including composition, improvisation, electronic music, saxophone, text, and installations.
Scott Cazan 
Scott Cazan is a Los Angeles based composer, performer, creative coder, and sound artist working in diverse fields such as experimental electronic music, sound installation, chamber music, and software art where he explores cybernetics, aesthetic computing, and information resulting from human interactions with technology. 

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