Artists' Television Access


Thursday, April 11, 2013, 8:00 pm, $6

HOT VICTORY are like an octopus of drums and technology, and seeing them play is less an experience of watching a “band” with “songs” as being privy to some dystopian future-vision of a gladiator battle between two drum-bots. Caitlin and Ben face off behind a mutant drum kit bristling with synth pads and triggers and their wordless battle of beats spirals from one idea to the next, morphing from one sci fi vision to another without silence or pretense. Must be seen and felt to be believed or understood.

3 SYNTHS 1 CUP – Matt Jones is one third of the synth-punk band BLASTED CANYONS and has been collecting analog synthesisers for almost 15 years. 3 SYNTHS 1 CUP started as a jokey transitional song on their first LP, but Jones has taken the moniker as a title for his free-form synthesizer experiments. With a towering setup that includes a Moog MG-1, a Sequential Circuits Pro One, and an Oberheim OB-8, played in conjunction with a Moog Taurus bass pedal synth, a Simmons SDS-400, and a Sequential Circuits Drum traks, 3 SYNTHS 1 CUP is a synth-nerd’s wet dream of filtration, phase, oscillation, and exploration. Completely improvised and completely

TOOTH is a total badass weirdo that screens films in his West Oakland home (a converted church) and brings his unique yet bleak sensibilities to life with his live video work. His aesthetic is dreamlike, strange and expertly cultivated, and it’s our intention to have him project video and film onto whatever surface possible and available during the musical performances to effectively separate this event from “humans” making “music” in the classic sense and bring it back to the sensory overload ideal of 60’s bands playing long improv sets with films projected onto them, rather than the spotlighted “artist” making “work” to be absorbed with rapt attention.

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