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“dreambody/earthbody” an experimental documentary video by Antero Alli (S.F. Premiere!)

Friday, January 25, 2013, 8:00 pm, $6

dreamdbod2ParaTheatrical ReSearch and A.T.A. presents: 
an experimental documentary video by Antero Alli
(2012; 80 minutes. USA)
 Filmmaker in person.
“dreambody/earthbody” (2012; 80 min. USA. video) Antero Alli
Since 1977, the filmmaker has been developing a medium of paratheatre inspired by the physical theatre of Jerzy Grotowski.  For this experimental documentary video, Alli trained a group of seven in paratheatre methods towards an enactment of a ritual choreography created from movements recalled from participants’ nocturnal dreams. The group also demonstrates a series of paratheatre techniques and processes accompanied by Alli’s narrative in an exposé of this creative process.  Also featuring participant interviews plus dramatic re-enactments of the director’s own dreams as they intermingle with the group rituals.
a 6-min excerpt (the paratheatre warm-up cycle)
The movie site
Featuring Antero Alli, Sylvi Alli, Robin Coomer, Jeffrey Fisher, Steve Mobia, Lori Salomon, Marianne Shine, Julian Simeon, Nick Walker, and Alaska Yamada. Edited by Chris Odell & Antero Alli. Music by Sylvi Alli. Videography by Antero Alli. Produced by ParaTheatrical ReSearch. Written, narrated, and directed by Antero Alli.
Antero Alli, paratheatre background
Antero Alli, filmography

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