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Vincent Moon and Lulacruza – Esperando el Tsunami

Thursday, October 18, 2012, 8:00 pm, $6-$10

A documentary film and “visual album,” Esperando el Tsunami is a collaborative project from Vincent Moon – who the New York Times recently referred to as the “prodigious French filmmaker who reinvented the music video” – and Colombian/Argentinean musicians Lulacruza. Created on the road while traveling across Colombia for two months, the film follows Lulacruza as they meet and improvise with traditional and indigenous musicians throughout the region. The trio examines in detail the diversity and strength of community through music.


Hosted by Amina Bayou of The Front Corner and Federico Ardila.  Federico Ardila is a native of Colombia who has been collecting music for as long as he can remember. He is particularly fascinated by Colombia’s amazingly deep and diverse musical landscape, and how eloquently it tells the stories of his country and his people.  Federico (aka DJ Papicultor) is a co-founder of La Pelanga (, an Oakland-based DJ collective and a music blog that features the old and the new, the city and the village, bombardinos and autotune: cumbia, dancehall, afrobeat, salsa dura, soukous, champeta, kompa, hip hop, coupé decalé, currulao, and much more.  La Pelanga was actually born during a 2008 musical trip to Cali, Colombia with Lulacruza. Federico will share stories from behind the music and the musicians featured in Esperando el Tsunami.

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