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NextNow.10: Special Visual Edition

Thursday, October 11, 2012, 8:00 am, $6

An evening of Visual/Sound improvisations: Live Improvised Music by zBug and Cartoon Justice.
Kinetic and Short Video works by Alba RecluserDark, Greg Baker, Mika Pontecorvo, Meg Schoerke, Kersti Abrams, and more.

zBug; an industrial jazz unit based in San Francisco, CA that presents structured improvisational music sets based on the performance venue and compositional themes featuring David Leikam – moog rogue, electric bass-cello; Sheila Bosco – drums, percussion; Fred Malouf – electric guitar.
“From the Structural Language of Jazz and a very Electronic Lexicon, zBug creates something entirely new in their unique conception and expression of Industrial Jazz…”

Cartoon Justice: shape shifting improvisatory soundscapes ranging across many genres – from primal indigenous chant to modernist and electroacoustic formalisms to avant jazz and post-miles fusion. – with guest cellist Crystal Pascucci.

RecluserDark is a photographer/artist from Barcelona. Her film work often involves industrial and natural landscape elements embedded in structure of cinematic rhythm and pacing evoking a moody foreboding with an intimate meditation on the modern human condition.

Mika Pontecorvo’s kinetic video works are collaborations with ink/collage artists Meg Schoerke and Kersti Abarms…these works involve the subtle acyclic shadow play of light and dark offering a new take on the non-linear narrative elements of the pre-historic cave art tradition.

Greg Baker’s kinetic video systems involves a direct interaction/reaction with the sonic world of the performance.

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