Artists' Television Access

Watch This!

Friday, August 17, 2012, 8:00 pm, $6

A program celebrating the work of visual experimentalists. The distinctly diverse program features Science Made Clear, a world premiere of a digital short by Nelson Carvajal (whose work has been featured at the London Underground Film Festival). Unreleased shorts FaceOdd, and El Quatro by Amir George that were previewed at video art show Film is Dead screen in entirety. Brooklyn based musician and visual artist Alice Cohen (Trance Actions) contributes a video to the program along with film and video artist Anansi Knowbody (Auteur Pedogogy), Jason Ogawa (Looks Alive), and Lindsay Denniberg (Chances). The highlight of Watch This! is Lewis Vaughn’s visual album August the Terrible, which is one project made up of three films representing the transcendence of one soul.

Read the interview with Amir George here.

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