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Lateral Mobility: Creative Works about Getting By

Thursday, August 16, 2012, 7:00 pm, $10

A farewell to Kara Herold! and Just two days later, she’ll be on her way to Syracuse University to start her new career as Assistant Professor of AV tech — er, Film and Video production.

And in the true hustling spirit of independent art-making, you can both celebrate Kara’s 20+ years in the SF media arts community AND help her raise funds for her current multimedia live-cinema project, Warrior 3: A Tale of Meager Transcendence.

You will also enjoy readings, films, and performances by Anjali Sundaram, Monica Nolan, Lynn Peril, Christy Chan, Monica Bhatnagar, Keith Wilson, and Gibbs Chapman. Finally, Kara will show excepts from Warrior 3.

Did we mention there’ll be FREE BEVERAGE ? And the chance to win some career advice? And to celebrate Kara’s old and new careers!

And say good-bye.


Parental Rental (video, Christy Chan)
A simulated conversation with a set of artistically leaning parents. Originally shown in a cardboard house installation.

Dukes Up (performance, Monica Bhatnagar)
Young and green as a bean, Monica accepted Daisy’s hand in forever-after friendship. In Dukes Up, she attempts to shake her habit of a friend to emerge clean . . . or at least minty fresh.

Everything but Time (video, Anjali Sundaram)
Working minutes and commuter hours, soft ambience and hard architecture, resistance and surveillance, public and private space.

Maxie Mainwaring, Lesbian Dilettante (reading, Monica Nolan)
This forth-coming third installment in the Lesbian Career Girl series is the story of a madcap Maxie, a society girl who has only dabbled in the world of work before being disinherited for her scandalous behavior. As she tries to find a way to earn a living, Maxie’s job-hunting adventures draw her into Bay City’s underworld. An intriguing array of women help Maxie in her attempt to find both romantic and career satisfaction.

The Shrimp (video, Keith Wilson)
Tracing an environmentally threatened seafood from source to plate and back again.


Swimming in the Steno Pool (reading, Lynn Peril)
Author/secretary Lynn Peril delivers a feisty, witty celebration of the women who have been running the show for decades.

Push Button (film, Gibbs Chapman)
A history of idleness and ignorance.

Selections from Warrior 3: A Tale of Meager Transcendence (video of performance, Kara Herold, 2012)
A multimedia comedic “live documentary” that tells the story of an artist struggling to reconcile her artistic aspirations with her work as an audio visual technician.

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