Artists' Television Access

SIGHT UNSEEN: high/low

Saturday, August 4, 2012, 8:00 pm, $6

“Susan Blond” (2011)
“David Bienenstock” (2011)
–Produced & created by Scott Newman & Marc Santo for REVEL NY
Andy Warhol Superstar & publicist talks about her career & personal & professional relationships with Michael Jackson, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring, Taylor Mead, & others.
High Times editor & author of The Pot Smoker’s Handbook featuring “420 Things to Do When You’re Stoned”, the director of the best selling cultivation DVD, Jorge Cervantes’ Ultimate Grow, & a frequent judge of The Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam talks about what makes good pot good.

“A Week at The Western Hotel” (2010)
“Threads of Collar City” (2011)
–By Brenda Ann Kenneally
Threads looks at the lives of working class women in Troy NY & the economic story behind their stories.
The Western was one of the last standing casinos in Las Vegas that catered to “the every-man”… featured on Time Magazine’s Light Box.

“Drive by Modernism” (2012)
–Directed by Marc Santo, Produced by Gary Krieg, Janice Grube
In this trailer for a TV series, designer Jim Walrod & a rotating cast of artists are on a gonzo mission to charm their way inside the country’s most iconic modern homes. Co-starring: Moby, Phil Frost, Michael Halsband.

“Bel Air” (2011)
–By Niklas Goldbach
The video takes us on an inner journey, on a real trip by car through the deserted landscape of the Everglades National Park near Miami, in which actor Christoph Bach plays the part of four different characters who represent the roles and power games that take place in human behavior.

“The Volare” (2012)
–By Stephen Mallon
An accelerated look at the construction of the first new roller coaster to be built in 70 years at Coney Island, New York – commissioned by the Wall Street Journal.

“Creepy Kids” (2012)
–By Peter Schneider
Classic scenes of children in horror films collected & condensed.

“Colonic”, “The Jiz Commercial”, “Bye Bye Ba Nee” (2010)
–By Sienna D’Enema
1980s cartoon Jem and the Holograms used in unspeakable ways.

–By Darrin Martin
A graphic contemplation on barriers, containment, history, & release.

&, Special Surprises

PLUS complimentary copies of REVEL NY!

1 hour, 10 minutes

Programed by NYC artist-curator-independent publisher Billy Miller