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Periwinkle Cinema presents: our June Spectacular

Wednesday, June 13, 2012, 8:00 pm, $6

The month of June is considered pride month, when the LGBTQ community is celebrated for its part in the diversity of the greater community of human kind. Periwinkle Cinema presents our June Spectacular: a celebration of queer visions as part of our monthly commitment to the queer film/video community. Curated by Lorin Murphy.

Krystal by Eliane Lima
First Comes Love by Evie Leder
Chin Up by Mev Luna with Guillermo Galindo
Time Fuck by Emily May Wingren
Disaster Movies 1,2,3 by Lorin Murphy with music by Grale
Terrorist She-Freaks of Texas by Bug Davidson
Gossamer Walls by Malic Amalya and Peter Miller
At Least You Know You Exist by Zackary Drucker
In Poch@hood by Lina Blanca Ogden
The City That Made My Future by Lee Hunter
Delirious by Ryan Murphy

Periwinkle Cinema is a community-run queer film and video art series. Our screenings were started by filmmaker Lorin Murphy at the legendary big GAY warehouse. The series is produced by Lorin and a bunch of awesome volunteers. All money from admission helps support Bay Area queer filmmakers through our community projects & cash awards!