Artists' Television Access


Thursday, May 31, 2012, 8:00 pm, $6-$10

An evening of sound/film performances with:

Irwin Swirnoff

Jon Porras

Linda Scobie and John Davis

Ben Bracken and Paul Clipson

Irwin Swirnoff makes films, takes photos, writes creative non-fiction and gets inspiration from all kinds of music. His work wants to take you on faded daydreams filled with longing, desire, and lingering memories. He’s interested in capturing the wonder of the everyday, and remembering that our bodies might know a lot more than our minds.

Jon Porras is a Bay Area musician whose work focuses on combining open tuned guitar with effects and processing. With clear cut roots in Americana and West Coast guitar, his work ranges from sparse, finger-picked passages to densely layered walls of melancholic wash.

Linda Scobie is DIY filmmaker who works in 16mm. Her films have been shown in the Black Maria, Antimatter and Ann Arbor Film Festivals. Her latest piece “Sky Dogs” is a 20 minute paper animated voyage through the cosmos, with dogs.

John Davis is an Oakland artist working with moving images and sound, expanding their relationships through experimentation, chance, collaboration and improvisation. Current performance work investigates various sound and image delivery systems, their material bi-products, and the range of sensory possibilities that exists between them.

Ben Bracken Is a musician and artist living in Oakland, California, who explores possibilities of echo-relocation in sound-based art.

Paul Clipson is a San Francisco-based filmmaker who often collaborates with sound artists and musicians on live performances, films and installations.