Artists' Television Access

Cantaloupe Creek by Jennifer Louise Mellenbruch

Wednesday, April 25, 2012, 7:00 pm

In ATA Gallery:

Cantaloupe Creek
Jennifer Louise Mellenbruch

Join us on Wednesday, April 25th, 7pm-10:30pm for a reception for the artist.

Special musical performance by Bugs In Costume, featuring Maya Prickett!

*The work can also be viewed before ATA screenings, beginning April 15th*

“Cantaloupe Creek is my name for the enchanted world of my imagination. It’s a lush exotic terrain full of fairies and other-worldly creatures. By combining assemblage and floristry/horticulture mediums, I’ve manifest that dream scape into our reality. Through the use of re-purposed everyday items and familiar woodland imagery, this world has an eery similarity to ours. Thereby, inviting the notion that we could catch glimpses of it if we could shake off the rational perceptions which veil our modern eyes.
The pieces are alive. They contain plants and flowers which require upkeep such as watering and pruning. This interaction alters the viewers passive role into an active participant who enters this fairy world and has the power to alter it By blending the boundaries of form, function, and fantasy, these works belie the “do not tough the art” adage. Indeed touching is crucial to their survival.”