Artists' Television Access

TEJIDO CONECTIVO Film performance

Friday, March 30, 2012, 8:00 pm, $6-$10

Co-Presented by the Consulate of Spain in San Francisco.

Luis Macias and Adriana Vila, present self-selected projects of expanded cinema, which shows three converging lines of their work together: Performances with found footage and home movies, atmospheres created of light through loops, and projections with out movie…

– CINE#a#MA#teur. 16mm. Found Footage. Optical sound. 3 min. 2012

– TEJIDO CONECTIVO 16mm / super8 / 8mm. Optical and digital sound.
35 min ( variable time) 2011

– ABERRATION IN R.G.B. 3 x 16mm film loops. Optical sound. Tiempo
Indefinido: mínimo 20` variable. 2012

– REELS AND LIGHTS 1 x 16mm. 2 x Stroboscope. Optical sound. 15 min.


Adriana Vila and Luis Macias, artists and independent filmmakers residing in Barcelona, ​Spain.

ADRIANA VILA, venezuelan anthropologist and filmmaker, works on ethnographic experiences using concepts of memory and representation combined with audiovisual experimentation. In particular the creation of performative spaces where the materiality of the film can be exposed. Has worked with different experimental musicians on live concerts and live projections, as well as film and video installations. In 2010 starts a project using amateur home movies in 16mm, 8mm and super8, as an artistic and cinematographic reinterpretation of memory and it’s chaotic ways of conservation and appearance …

LUIS MACÍAS, director, filmmaker and image recycler… focused on creating works in film with Super 8mm, 16mm, 35mm and video. Has performed various installations and performances with multiple 16mm projectors and Super 8mm. His artistic concerns focus on two points: the physical work on film and film recycling and re-invention of new relationships between moving images. These proposals are designed both for projection in dark room, as well as performance or installation in the white cube.

The work of Adriana and Luis together is based on projects of expanded cinema based on the experimental research for other audiovisual narratives, converging on the idea of ​ extending the results of their individual projects to a risky staging, defined by analog media and formats, and ephemeral performative acts.