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Periwinkle Cinema presents: Dandy Dust by Hans Scheirl

Wednesday, March 21, 2012, 8:00 pm, $6

Dandy Dust • video • 97 min. • 1998 • trailer:
“Five and a half years in the making, Hans Scheirl’s “Dandy Dust” is an elaborate, gender-bending camp sci-fi epic with no aspirations toward narrative clarity. Redolent of everything from “Metropolis” to “Pink Narcissus,” with plenty of outre sex and violence, this objet d’art is often funny and always visually inventive… Dandy Dust is a “split-personality cyborg of fluid gender” living on artificially created sphere called 3075. His/her memory has been erased, so Dandy is alarmed by flashbacks to his early life on the Planet of Blood & Swelling. There, s/he was evidently sexually abused by an over-doting dad; that intimacy upset a harpy mom, who may have killed Dandy’s pa in retaliation. Or did Dandy do the deed himself? Did it even happen?” ~ Vanity review
Plus: We’re announcing of the winner of the first Periwinkle Cinema Award!
Also: Hella-gay door prizes! And: More fun stuff!

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