Artists' Television Access


Friday, February 3, 2012, 8:00 pm, $6-$10

An evening of short films selected by NYC artist-curator Billy Miller.

“Film For January 1, 2012” (2012) by artist-filmmaker Scott Treleaven
An intuitive assembly of super 8 films collected in the months leading up to the New Year, and created on the last day of 2011. Soundtrack: “Clouds Without Water” by Psychic TV.

“Peter McGough” & “Pigeon Lady” (2010)
In these two short films, NYC artist Peter McGough speaks about his work and longtime collaboration with David McDermott – and pigeon fancier Alayne Patur Salahuddeen talks about her East Village coup and local history.
Produced by Marc Santo and Scott Newman for REVEL IN NEW YORK.

“Climate Change: An Intimate Portrait” (2011)
An intimate and up-close portrait of melting glaciers by artist-filmmaker Jessica Plumb.
Currently creating work in the Olympic Peninsula area of western Washington state, Jessica draws inspiration from the alpine wilderness in her own backyard.

“Naval Mining” (2009) by Darrin Martin presents a paralyzed body trapped in a shifting, vibrating, otherworldly field; a scene that resembles the medical experiments reported during alien abductions.

“70 Seconds In The Desert” & “The Somnambulists” (2011, 2012) by David King
In the first of these two short films, the vast American desert is reduced to seventy seconds of spacey screen-time; and in the second, all the main characters of a film noir movie are removed leaving only doomed henchmen, who return continuously to mysterious underground hideouts.

“Untitled (Loop #5)” (2010) by artist-filmmaker Gregory Kaplowitz
Pixelated video abstractions create a contemplative field from which the viewer constructs meaning.

“Golden Gate” (Part 5 of “The Man Who Could Not See Far Enough”) & “Babel” (excerpt), (1981, 1987) by Peter Rose
Golden Gate presents the viewer with a hand-held filmed ascent of the iconic San Francisco monument of the same name. And Babel uses processed voices, generic babble, kinetic texts, and misleading film and video images to link the linguistic implications of a third nostril to the Tower of Babel and the Strategic Defense Initiative.

“I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate” (1967)
Showbiz legend Francis Faye wows the crowd live on stage on 1960s Australian television.
Rare documentary footage courtesy of Tyler Alpern.
More about this unique performer on Alpern’s tribute site:

“Heri Meets Artists Gilbert and George (Again)” (2011)
Filmmaker Heri Mkocha meets the iconic Modern British artists in East London by complete luck. They talk to Heri, and it all gets a bit fanboy.

“Head On Fire, ring the alarm!” (2006)
Invoking the rudy spirit while getting a haircut.
Hotheaded living art by Brian Belott and Annie Pearlman.

“SOUL” (1988)
Infamous New York City underground star Marsha P. Johnson reciting poetry at Jimmy Camicia’s Hot Peaches production “The Heat” at Theater for the New City, NYC.
More of Marsha, Hot Peaches and Jimmy Camicia at:

“A Charlie Brown Kwanzaa” (2002) by M.O.V.
Relive and reimagine the magic of the holiday season with this classic story wherein Charlie Brown saves the school play and learns the true meaning of Kwanzaa via his glorious shrub.
Fun for the entire family… depending on who your family is(!)

“Glazin’” (2011) by Jaccuzi Gals
Six girls (and one tiny dog) who love the Jaccuzi Boys got together and made this tribute to their favorite song from the group’s new album.
Deal with it, if you dare.

Total duration of program = 70 minutes.

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NOTE: free copies of REVEL IN NEW YORK will be given out to the first 20 audience members.