Artists' Television Access

EPILOGUES: Another Positivist (trans)formation

Wednesday, December 7, 2011, 8:00 pm, sliding scale donation

8pm-8:45pm ~ Diologu’in & Dance Party ~ Come early to meet the filmmakers and share some snacks & drinks! Featuring live DJ’d soundscapes from Commedia Sexy All’italiana, Vitamin Wig C.
9pm-10:45pm ~ Screening ~ Bring your friends, lovers, collaborators
Fims by:
• Luke Baldwin
• Keith Ballard
• Ama Birch
• GC Erenberg
• Aimee Goguen
• Robert Hansen
• Nguyen Tan Hoang
• Jenn Kolmel
• Lindsay Laven
• Rik Lee Liepold
• Stine Marie Jacobson
• Anthony Privitera
Screening Curated by GC Erenberg & Robbie Hansen – Cheat Sheet Records. Co-produced with Periwinkle Cinema.

Artists everywhere float in and out of institutions, without creating free institutions themselves. Every artist becomes convinced, that they must turn their craft to finances, or leave the craft if it cannot carry it’s ‘load’. We’ve found artists who simply mean to reach levels of transformative thought within their works, those who reach in the dark hoping to hit any old thing. Whether its an embarkment in virtuosity, the science of gender collapse, or a humiliating performance involving custard and waves of fluid viscosity. Be it the mind of the cave or the enchanted fish breath ~ Come see our collection of genre-less films & videos. Video that’ll leave you scratching your head and yet asking for more. Video without a punchline, yet just one big punch to the subconscious!
Another Positivist (trans)formation ; Reference from the novel Gay Cuban Nation by the Author and and Theorist Emilio Bejel.