Artists' Television Access

Glitch vs. Scratch

Sunday, October 16, 2011, 8:00 pm, $6-$10

The MisALT Screening Series is excited to present its October screening: “Glitch vs. Scratch.” This screening seeks to create a dialog between artists working in Scratch Cinema (film based practices that make interventions on the celluloid level) and Glitch based video and media practices (which manipulate images by exploiting vulnerabilities on the molecular and electron level of video tape and code), to bridge the gap between work that focuses on the material underpinnings of cinema and work that brings attention to the often invisible foundation that lies beneath digital images. The bubbling, flickering, abstractions of decaying, damaged, and melting celluloid meet the frantic and ghostly distortions of mangled signals and scripts.
Featuring Work By:
Jodie Mack, Tsen-Chu Hsu, Florian Cramper, Charlotte Taylor, Péter Lichter, Alberto Cabrera Bernal, Christine Lucy Latimer, Anna Geyer, Nick Briz, Adam R. Levine, Michael Betancourt (w/ FsLux), Steven Ball, Lili White, Drone Dungeon, Channel TWO, Ted Davis, and Lennon Batchelor.
Curated By:
Tessa Siddle