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Friday, October 7, 2011, 8:00 pm, $6



A Film by Antero Alli (in person): The elder Magus of the Thelemic Temple of Horus (Arden Schaeffer) just passed away. Jack Mason (James Wagner), a promising sex magickian cultivated to advance the lineage,  loses it all when the elder Magus’ biological son (Duncan Cook) unexpectedly inherits everything with plans to commercialize and franchise the Temple. Jack plots deadly revenge and is catapulted into a dizzying maze of encounters with underworld characters (Elijah Parizhsky, Nick Walker, Russ DeGregory), desert brujas (Nancy Leatzow, Erin Thunen), and a twist of fate he never saw coming or…did he?(2011; 130 minutes)
Written, photographed & directed by Antero Alli
Produced by Vertical Pool Productions.

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