Artists' Television Access

Periwinkle Queer Cinema Series

Wednesday, September 21, 2011, 8:00 pm, $6

 Every 3rd Wednesday, Periwinkle Queer Cinema Series showcase video and films across genres from a broad spectrum of LGBTQ filmmakers. The series was started by filmmaker Lorin Murphy at the legendary big GAY warehouse in San Francisco.


  3 min Lezbrarian by Chris Vargas

4 min. Have you Seen A Transsexual Before? by Chris Vargas

        4 min 16 Missing Bitches by Colby Keller

6 min Super-8 Girl Games and film TBA by Hans Scheirl and Angela Purrer

        3 min Elder Gender Fuck by Lindsay Laven

4 min Revolving Door by Gio Black Peter and Bruce La Bruce

4 min Nipples ‘n’ Knives by Lorin Murphy

10 min Intermission

7 min Napping by Lorin Murphy

26 min AIDS Camp by Gary “Fembot” Gregerson

Curated by Lorin Murphy with Christopher Carroll for

Every 3rd Wednesday, we showcase video and films across genres from a broad spectrum of LGBTQ filmmakers. Our queer cinema series was started by filmmaker Lorin Murphy at the legendary big GAY warehouse in San Francisco. After a short hiatus, we are excited to resume our screenings at our new home, Artists’ Television Access.

Bruce LaBruce is a Toronto based filmmaker, writer, director, photographer, and artist. He began his career in the mid eighties making a series of short experimental super 8 films and co-editing a queer punk fanzine called J.D.s. His films include: “No Skin Off My Ass” (1991), “Super 8 1/2” (1994), “Hustler White” (1996), “Skin Flick” (2000)(hardcore version: “Skin Gang”) and “The Raspberry Reich” (2004)(hardcore version: “The Revolution Is My Boyfriend”), and the independent feature “Otto; or, Up with Dead People” (2008). His latest solo photography shows include “Untitled Hardcore Zombie Project”, which opened at Peres Projects in Culver City, LA, on May 23rd, 2009, and “L.A. Zombie: The Movie That Would Not Die”, which premiered at Peres Projects Berlin on January 30th, 2010. LaBruce has also made a number of popular music videos in Canada, two of which won him MuchMusic video awards.

Gary “Fembot” Gregerson is a zine editor, musician and filmmaker from San Francisco. He began releasing his zine Fembot in the early 1990’s. After the fourth issue, subsequent publications were called “Fembot Presents Jam While You Cram”, named after a popular high school locker poster from the 1980’s. He was also in the band Sta-Prest, in which band members routinely switched instruments. Gary Fembot’s vocals appear on a number of the group’s recordings, released by labels such as Outpunk and Kill Rock Stars. As well, he was a member of the bands Feelings On A Grid, Swishin’ Duds, and Mon Cousin Belge. At present, Gary plays keyboards and sings in the band Puce Moment. Gary Fembot is also a filmmaker, whose own film The Oners, featuring Gwenael Rattke, editor of Easily Grossed Out, appeared on volume 2 of the Kill Rock Stars Video Fanzine. He has also made the films The Willows, with Iraya Robles of Sta-Prest, and Mondo Bottomless with zine editors Brontez, Johnny Ray Huston, Gwenael Rattke and Martin Sorrondeguy from the band Limpwrist (among others). His latest film is “AIDS Camp” with a cast of over 30 including Jerry Lee Abrahms, Annie Danger, Iraya Robles, Chelsea Starr and Alison C. Wright.

Colby Keller was named after the deaf and blind activist, Helen Keller. He is 6’2, 220 lbs., 8 inches (cut), and versatile… in several mediums. He works as a visual artist and adult film model.

Lindsay Laven is currently finishing a BFA in Film at the San Francisco Art Institute. Between the years and between the layers, Laven has worked under the guise of many characters and psycho-sexual philosophies, with discussions in gender collapse and documentary film. Through Laven’s documentary and performance works, the audience is reminded to ask themselves questions of social absurdities, as well as tradition and stereotypes as a grounds for dimensions in dysfunction in Western & Eastern societies. Her main influences are childhood, womanhood, old hollywood, sex, sexuality, human nature, gender, death, life, lies, sadness, human relationship with nature.

Lorin Murphy is a 32 year-old transgender film and video artist. He received his degree in cinematography from Academy of Art College, SF in 2003. He has worked full-time as a projectionist for Landmark Cinemas for 9 years and has worked for the Arab Film Fest, SFIndie Fest and the Berkeley Film and Video Fest, as well. He is co-founder of the queer production company Cassowary Productions. His films have screened at Homo-a-Go-Go in San Francisco, Oakland Underground Film Festival, Accident Gallery in Eureka, Ca, Art in the Redwoods, SF Indie Fest, SF Headphone Festival, Pacific Film Archive in Berkeley, Artists’ Television Access in SF, The Lab in SF, and several other national film festivals.

Gio Black Peter (born Giovani Paolo Andrade Guevara) was born in Guatemala and emigrated illegally to the United States with his family at the age of five. The name Black Peter is taken from the folkloric elf who delivers “bad” presents to bad children on Christmas. A performance artist as well as an ardent visual artist, he examines text and subject, believability and fakery, authority and multiplicity. The artist carefully uses selected formats, techniques and images, some of which were generated by advertising and entertainment agencies for their efficaciousness and uses them to participate in a system of manipulation.  The moment the viewers experience attraction to the art, they too are implicated. While the original purpose of the mass media images is to sentimentalize, glamorize, capture and thereby close-off the experience from question, Black Peter represents this information so as to reveal the fake and redirect the examination to his agenda.

Hans Scheirl’s film works revolve around the issues of gender performance in public space and how the individual adapts to the generic structures of everyday environments. He has collaborated frequently with artist Angela Purrer. “Hans Scheirl’s film “Dandy Dust” is an elaborate, gender-bending camp sci-fi epic with no aspirations toward narrative clarity. Redolent of everything from “Metropolis” to “Pink Narcissus,” with plenty of outre sex and violence, this objet d’art is often funny and always visually inventive.” (from Variety magazine) Throughout his life Hans has also exhibited/published drawings and writings (e.g. the drawing ‘A wet prayer for the pig’ in ‘Ruh Roh’, NYC 1992; ‘The manifesto for the D@D@ of the cyborg-embrio’, in: ‘The Eight Technologies of Otherness’ ed/author Sue Golding, Routledge 1997). He has given performance/lectures on his work and its diverse contexts (e.g. Harvard University Cambridge, Mass.; Jan van Eyck Akademie, Maastricht; Arteleku, San Sebastian; HBK Braunschweig; Academy of Fine Arts Munich; University of Applied Arts Vienna). Since oct. 2006, he has been a professor of ‘Contextual Painting’ at the Akademie of Fine Arts Vienna.

“Chris Vargas is a homo to be reckoned with among a small-but-inspired circle of young-ish, queer Bay Area underground filmmakers with subversive political agendas. His past projects, Falling in Love…with Chris and Greg (a meta-sitcom in which he stars with his real-life boyfriend, Greg Youmans), and Homotopia and Criminal Queers (a pair of films he co-directed with San Francisco artist Eric Stanley that controversially and entertainingly stab at the prison- and gay marriage-industrial complexes) have screened around the world…” (from East Bay Express profile by Toshio Meronek)